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Our activities

The LER Project is structured on several fronts, from the promotion of reading and writing workshops in Portuguese - with the perspective of Portuguese as a welcoming language - to the organization of events such as poetry readings and reading clubs.


Portuguese as a
Welcoming Language

From the perspective of teaching and learning Portuguese as a Welcoming Language, the LER Project promotes workshops for adult migrants and refugees, focused on the contextualized practice of the four language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. In these workshops, we work with different texts written in Portuguese, in order to meet the communicative needs of learners, dialoguing with the urges of their cultural integration and social emancipation in Brazil, the host country.

Pedagogical activities with children and teenagers

The LER Project with children and teenagers arises from the need of adult participants who have children and would only be able to engage with total dedication if the children were well taken care of. The interactions and dialogues with children under 15 and their families transformed this front into a powerful action to build learning, in a multi-age and intercultural space, which aims to strengthen the self-esteem and self-knowledge of its participants, through games, sociocultural interactions and experience of different situations.


Film Club

Our Film Club is a space for meeting and dialoguing about cinematographic productions. In this space, we seek to learn more about cinematographic language and connect with films produced in other countries and cultures, in an experience without borders.

Sharing Circles

The “Sharing Circles” are meetings for dialogue, reflection and acceptance, designed and built by the participants themselves in a safe space for sharing experiences. The themes of the group will be related to the experience of migration and refuge, based on Freirean values [1] for reception and construction of learning paths and social integration of the migrant and refugee community.


[1] Principles whose basis is the philosophy of the Brazilian educator Paulo Freire, an important personality in the history of world pedagogy, having influenced the movement called critical pedagogy. He is also the Patron of Brazilian Education.

Sessão de terapia

Legal guidance center

Aiming at the defense of Human Rights and Universal Basic Rights, the Legal Guidance Team of LER Project aims to assist migrants through basic consultancy and legal assistance in the most varied areas of Law, promoting a qualified hearing of the participants and forwarding the demands to the responsible organs.

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